What is a Z-IMBA

A Z-imba consists of 2 basic materials, which are IBR chromadec sheeting which is used in the construction of both the walls and roofs (panels) and steel angle iron which is used to construct the entire framework of the building.


Standard module/room size = 2.8m x 2.8m

2800mm highest point to 2450mm

2450mm to 2110mm lowest point

  Panels manufactured from steel angle iron and IBR
Profile chromadec sheeting

– Standard window size C2H 0,9m (height) x 1,05m (width). 1 opening side, supplied with glass and burglar bars.
– Toilet window size NE1 0.65m (height) x 0.53m (width) opening upwards supplied with frosted glass.
– Roof panels fitted with Alucushion insulation as standard.
– Door Aperture – standard size of 2m (height) x 0.75m (width)

Modular Additions

1 Module (Standard)

2 Module with veranda

3 Module

Z-imba modular concept is designed to be flexible in both size and shape. Modules are all a standard size of 2.8 x 2.8m.
A single room Z-imba (2.8m x 2.8m) comprises of 4 wall panels and a roof panel. This can be
expanded to a 2 roomed Z-imba by adding another 3 wall panels and a roof panel to the existing 1 room
Z-imba. These buildings can be expanded both width and lengthways into various configurations from a
basic square or rectangle to L, E or U shapes. Maximum building width is 11.2 metres (i.e. 4 modules wide)
by any length divisible by 2.8m. The maximum width of an open-plan structure with no internal dividing
walls is 11.2 metres and 22.4 metres (i.e. 8 modules) long (with the use of a portal support truss).