Who We Are

The Z-imba, affordable modular building concept, was born out of an apparent requirement, by the public at large, for affordable, easy and fast buildings. It is a little known fact that Car Guard have been manufacturing agricultural and warehouse structures since the mid eighties, so it wasn’t a stretch, to conceptualise, design and begin manufacturing the Z-imba product. This, added to the slowing economy, meant that capacity utilisation was down and with experienced staff, know how, and existing equipment at the ready; the first Zimba came off the production line in early June 2014.

Although the concept looks simple and easy to manufacture, our team of designers and engineers have had to scratch their heads a few times when attempting to construct larger buildings , and it has been a very steep learning curve, which is still ongoing, as we receive more and more requests for increasingly complex buildings. We do however always welcome the challenger and will endeavour to accommodate anyone and everyone’s ideas for the building that they may require. We have always said that ‘if you can imagine it, we can build it.’ For those that are not au fait with the concept, Z-imba consists of 2 basic materials, which are IBR chromadec sheeting which is used in the construction of both the walls and roofs (panels) and steel angle iron which is used to construct the entire framework of the building.

Our modular system is based on the measurement of 2.8m x 2.8m square being one ‘module’ which can be expanded upon in increments of the same dimensions. In other words, we can build any structure that fits into these criteria, whether is is straight, ‘L’ shaped, ‘U’ shaped verandas can also be added and the number of doors and windows is up to the client, within the parameters of the panel sizes. We also have an in-house drawing team, which can take your rough sketches and turn them into 3D renderings of the finished product, even before we have laid welder to steel.

So, if your requirements are a 1.4m x 1.4m guard house or a four bed-roomed house with en-suite bathrooms, we can design it and build it.